The Life of My Precious Master

The Life of My Precious Master

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Title: The Life of My Precious Master
Author: Lobsang Oser
Publisher: Penerbit Yayasan Pelestarian dan Pengembangan Lamrim Nusantara
Size: 21 x 14.8 x – mm
Number of Pages: xviii+218
Cover: Soft Cover
Published: 2019
Language: English

Honestly, in my entire life, with all the life experience that I have tasted quite a lot, never once have I found a stranger so selfless in educating Buddhists in Indonesia. No one! Dagpo Rinpoche is a father for Indonesians who wants his children to be able to live independently in this life and the next series of lives. More than that, the father also wants to contribute a legacy that is beneficial to Indonesia, a country which, judging from any side, actually has nothing to do with him. Indonesia is not his homeland, left alone the place he lives. In other words, he does not only educate but also raises his children, so that one day they can continue his great woks after he is no longer in this world.

The proof is clear: through him, we can now establish this first Tibetan Buddhist Sangha in Indonesia, organize and carry out various rituals and initiations with our own resources, study and practice the Lamrim regularly in a neat system, and are in the process of building the first philosophy and Lamrim monastery in Southeast Asia. In short, Indonesian people have been empowered, have been made independent by him. From a position that might have been made turned upside down, now we are slowly being taught how to crawl, then walk, then run, and then step on the gas, take off and fly to the horizon to complete works that will contribute to the development of Buddhism in Nusantara.


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