The Blindfolded Queen

The Blindfolded Queen

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Translation is a form of betrayal, it has often been said, perhaps a particular form of Steiners idea of aggression, in that it is a traduction, a reconstitution made of sacrifice and revision. There are translators who would rather be original than right, and those who struggle endlessly with meaning, with pondering grand concepts behind each allusion. Others simply come up with the sum of dictionary definitions, the work of the mere reworder. And there are readers who pick up errors as if they had caught a criminal. Yet we also know that neither are poems approached in innocence, nor with the absence of lubricating afterthought.

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The Blindfolded Queen

Penulis : Goenawan Mohamad

Cetakan 1

2015, 14.5 × 21 cm, 224 hlm

ISBN: 979-8083-53-9

Berat: 350 gr


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